Working with  Imur4wd (an important offroad industry from my country)  they gave me the brief to conceive an unique front bumper with integrated ledbars,  a grille guard and a custom roofrack for a special offroad vehicle that they could manage to get from Spain, an Uro Vamtac, which is an heavily armored truck used by the Spanish military  forces very similar to the  Hummer H1, so that’s why part of the brief was to design something that could make it look different from the Hummer and gave it a distinctive personality.


Also, with Terantula 4×4 (Another important offroad industry from Venezuela) I had the opportunity to work as custom automotive parts designer, conceptualizing, designing, making the engineering and building offroad products for different vehicles (Mainly jeeps, since they liked a lot)

Today i’m looking forward to build my own Offroad and Stance auto-parts signature, so stay close to my store because soon it will be full of new stuff!