The story of the drawing that changed everything for me

When I was 12 years old I used to draw everything I saw, from landscapes, mountains, objetcs, houses, pokemons, digimons and other stuff. One day while playing Gran Turismo 3 in my cousin’s playstation we discovered the “simulation mode” and I remember it was an epic moment when we saw all complete list of cars that the game had (yeah, we were kids, and as kids we used to play only in arcade mode because we didn’t know really a lot about videogames).

What I can remember is that we spent almost all the morning discovering car by car on each one of its colors, but there was one that I spent like 10 minutes watching it spin because I felt so amused by its interesting shape, it was the Opel Astra DTM edition white and yellow.

And since I was like drawing everything that I liked at that time I decided to take my pencil and make a drawing of the car, but I changed some details, like the manufacturer (in my country is rare to see an Opel, there were more Chevrolet Astras) also I didn’t understand a lot about sponsors at that time and I changed it for Mobil 1 and gave it a blue color. But, what it was really epic for me by the moment it was finished, was that I stared at it for a couple of minutes and realized how much I liked it, and also it made me thought that I could spent the rest of my life drawing cars. It was like an epiphany for me. I wanted to become a car designer.

That moment made such an impact on me that it made me guide all my effort into that working field, I spent almost all the free time i had during highschool drawing cars, I even studied Mechanical Engineering because of cars (because race-car?) I became part of the #FSAE-UFT formula student team at my university because of cars, and at the last moment of my career my thesis work was about the design of the suspension components of the F-student car that we named #CrepuscularCobra, from which I also had the opportunity to be the concept car designer (again, because race-car).

Now that i’m a little bit more conscious about myself, i’m really grateful for that special moment when I had a glimpse of my future, since now, somehow I spend my work hours drawing cars and other stuff with my signature mpbdesign. I still preserve this first drawing as one of my biggest and most valuable treasures. And to end this post, is important to remember that “only inside our true passion lays all the inspiration and energy to follow our dreams.”


Martin Pacheco B. (Apr. 2017)