Recent Projects that I have made. Check them out!

Concept Duetto

A concept car that aims to be considered the reincarnation of the mythic 1966 Alfa Romeo Spider 50 years later.

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Crepuscular Cobra

An art inspired F-Student, made next to my friends when I was part of Team FSAE-UFT

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Concept Trifogli-E

A small graphene based E.V.

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Custom Car Parts

Offroad bumpers, flares and aero kits

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Vector and Handmade Drawings

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La Vida Suena

Illustrations for a project that tries to make Barquisimeto a better city

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About Me

Hey! My name is Martin Pacheco B. aka "The guy who draw cars"

MPBdesign represents my personal signature specialized in working with:

Automotive Illustration, 2D rendering, 3D Modeling, Concept development, Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking but above all Automotive Design projects.